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Over the course of the last 8 weeks the Islamic Literacy Series has tried to increase the level of understanding about Islam through a series of lectures.  The topics have included history, law, Qur’an, philosophy, etc.  If you were able to attend even one lecture, the following evaluation will help us improve the series for next semester.  Your feedback is valuable!

Thanks  – click on the link below to take the survey.


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The scheduled lecture – “Islamic Medical Ethics”- by Dr. Sadik Kassim has been postponed until next semester.  The lecture this week will be Understanding and Interpreting Hadith and will be given by Adnan Zulfiqar.

This lecture will focus on providing a basic background to the history of hadith compilation, the categories of hadith and the science of interpreting hadith.  It will also touch on the proper way for the lay Muslim to approach and use hadith in their lives.

When: WEDNESDAY, December 9th, 2009
Time: 8pm – 9pm (note: this is a later start time)
Location: Huntsman Hall (Wharton Building), Room 340 – University of Pennsylvania

All students are welcome to attend.  Non-students who would like to attend, please email azulfiqa@sas.upenn.edu or call 215.645.2073.  Pizza is served!


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