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A few people have asked me with regard to a transcript of today’s khutba (sermon) at Penn.  I generally don’t write out my khutbas so am reluctant to share notes that may not make sense to others, but which are a guide for me.  However, because of the importance of the khutba topic this week, I have tried to add some additional language to my notes for those who wanted to use parts of it as a reference.  I hope to put a video up of the khutba at some point soon too.  The topic of the khutba was Etiquettes of Difference and Manner of Giving Advice (more…)

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This lecture explore Islam in Africa  by providing the historical  background to the development of Muslim societies and communities in Africa (Northern and sub-Saharan Africa). My aim is to complicate the dichotomy of Middle East and Africa by showing the ways in which sub-Saharan Africa has always been connected to the broader Muslim world.

Instructor: Margari Hill-Manley
Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm
: Huntsman Hall (Wharton Building), Room F36 – University of Pennsylvania

All students are welcome to attend.  Non-Penn students and non-students who would like to attend, please email azulfiqa@sas.upenn.edu or call 215.645.2073. (more…)

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